Krishtlindjet erdhen perseri
Ndaj te ftoj t’festojme te dy.
Ndizen dritat ne qytet
Dhe nje yll po na therret

Jemi mbledhur te gjithe tok
Nje dite e bukur eshte sot
Shume i lumtur une jam
Eja O’drit dhe ti prane

Eja dhe ti, eja dhe ti
Eja dhe ti bredhin te zbukurojme
Eja dhe ti, eja dhe ti, eja dhe ti
Te gjithe te festojme!

Viti ri po na therret
Hapen portat ne qytet
Atmosfere ne do t’krijojme
Nen tingujt e pianos do te kendojme

Ju ftoj te gjitheve anembane
Eja Alis dhe ti prane
Luan Erik ne trumpete ja dhe Shoni ne klarinte!

Oh it’s christmas, christmas is here
I invite u to come near

To celebrate and to dance

Oh my friends let’s

Clap our hands
Come on with me, come on with me let’s go together to decorate the tree!
Come on with me, come on with me let’s sing together around the tree!

New year is knocking on our doors
Let’s pray together for life and for more
This is the moment, this is the time
Let’s get together and have so much fun!

English version//

So just come around and celebrate with me

As the lights go up and shine on the streets

And the shooting Bethlehem star over our heads is calling on us the arrival of this holy night
Shining atop as we are gathered here around the Christmas tree
Oh, It’s such a beautiful day and I am very happy to share my happiness with you
Hey you down there come by, come with me near the Christmas tree

Come here, come near, Let’s decorate the Christmas tree
Come here, come near, Let’s celebrate altogether around the Christmas tree
Let’s celebrate altogether Christmas and New Year

As New Year’s eve’s approaching
The doors of the city houses click open to the Holiday’s atmosphere,
Under the piano tunes we will all sing
Here’s Erik playing the trumpet and down there Shoni on the clarinet.